My Village

Every location has a story to tell but it remains forgotten until there is a desire to share our story. Crucial to that desire is our means to telling the story and bringing it to life. Here we have a spark of desire using the means of internet to tell the tale of a unique Irish village destination (or destinations)!

The author has also travelled far and has spent much time in a small town in Peru’s Sacred Valley. In every small town and village there is something in common we share. We have a sense of community, a need to generate business for ourselves and look after each other while celebrating our customs and showing appreciation for our landscape and nature that surrounds us.

You can make your contribution by sharing the articles of this on-line magazine and / or by sponsoring a story about your business or event. This is a service provided with an eye for authenticity to bring out the best in what you do or what your neighbourhood has to offer.

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