Your Business, Your Story, Get It Out There!

Story-telling has become an increasingly popular and effective way to market you business.

In case you need reminders here’s a list of some of the many benefits:

  • A carefully crafted story allows your customers to get a more personal impression of your business
  • Stories (blog article) can be shared by you and your followers on multiple social media channels such as facebook, instagram, twitter
  • Links can be included to lead customers to your contact page, additional products page or on-line shop.
  • Featuring on our site is a hassle free economical way of being on-line if your business does not already have a dedicated website
  • Story / blogs with relevant key words, categories and tags increase the chances of your business being found on-line

Services include:

  • Story written for you featuring your product or business for use on this site or your own website.
  • Listing in our services section with or without links to your business website or to a featured article on this site.
  • Sponsorship on this site (means your business name will be listed as a sponsor at the end of 3 articles on our village site).
  • Mentoring – if you are new to social media and content marketing you might like to consider some support to get you started.
  • Social Shares of your content via our dedicated Twitter account and Facebook page

Caroline July 2014 (640x640)Caroline Cunningham is the story-teller / writer/ blogger at The Village Where I’m From. Caroline has proven her creative ability in many fields of writing, blogging and the arts. Having reached the Ireland Blog Awards 2 years running in a number of categories including business, Caroline’s previous blogs reached finalists and shortlist stages after only 3 years of blogging.  Caroline is also an active user of social media channels.

Caroline has written on wide number topics including, travel, health, adventure, art, astronomy, food and culture and philosophy. Networking both in person and on social media are also important aspects of Caroline’s work and she has attracted a strong and supportive following through these channels.

For a flavour of Caroline’s unique style you check her articles at the following links:

Art Blog

Health Blog

If you are still uncertain about the benefits of content marketing by way of story creation then it can do no harm to reach out and get your questions answered today – CONTACT US

Looking forward to featuring your work!!



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