Credit Union at the Heart of Village

Rathvilly Credit Union in 2017 prides itself on being the second longest surviving Credit Union in existence in Ireland. Although this is something you will need to verify with the Credit Union board themselves, Rathvilly Credit Union does in fact celebrate 52 year of service.

It is very much the heart of the community, as it has provided much opportunity for savings and loans to buy that first car or home maintenance projects and even for preparations for the various celebrations associated with family life.

Did you know that some Credit Unions even provide their members with insurance cover for expenses associated with death (e.g. funeral costs)? You need to check their terms and conditions of course. Every Credit Union has its own set of benefits and values so you need to check the details if you are a member.

Credit Unions rely on a lot of volunteering support which is a great way to connect with people in the community and also can be a valuable opportunity for young people gaining work experience as this writer did many years ago.

I remember well the various art competitions for children and teenagers, supported by Credit Unions locally and nationally in years gone by. Credit Unions usually provide a level of sponsorship within the community for various charities and sporting groups and sometimes even scholarship funds.

This years Annual General Meeting took place in the Phoenix Centre in March. There was  a good attendance and the board communicated their records for the previous year and outlined the changes proposed for the coming year. There was unanimous agreement for the inevitable decision to merge with a nearby Credit Union in order to maintain and improve the Credit Union service which will remain at the heart of the village.
At the end of the meeting numerous raffle prizes were claimed by lucky winners and tea, sandwiches and cakes provided good excuse for mingling and mulling over all that had taken place. After a lengthy chatter, the lights began to flicker, hinting that it was time to leave as conversations had spun to the various other events and happenings in recent times. If you are new to a small town or community, it is events like these that serve as a way of connecting to those in your area.

Wishing all our Credit Union members and workers good health and success with achieving their goals for the future.







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