Reflexology – Rathvilly, Co. Carlow Ireland

Reflexology is a holistic health treatment which treats the whole body through a smaller part, usually the feet.

While reflexology has been developed as a therapy in more recent times (since early 1900s) it is known that ancient cultures of the Native American Indians, Chinese and Egyptian used similar techniques and principles in healing the body and mind.

During a treatment, which comprises firstly of consultation and foot examination, the therapist applies specific types of pressure (using only their hands) to areas on the feet known as reflexes. By adapting the touch and pressure to the individual needs and circumstances of the client, tension can be relieved in the body, faciliating relaxation and calm.

Reflexology has been shown to improve circulation, boost immunity and to improve the quality of sleep. People seek reflexology for many reasons such as dealing with stress, restoring balance to body systems, during pregnancy, to optimise fertility and during cancer treatment.

To make an appointment for your reflexology treatment visit Authentic Reflexology



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